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PowerMail 5.5 universal released

PowerMail version 5.5 for Mac OS X (Intel and PowerPC), which marks
PowerMail’s 11th anniversary, is now available from:


This release is:

– free of charge for PowerMail 5 owners,

– available for 30-day evaluation

– 29 Euro for PowerMail 3/4 owners (45 with SpamSieve)

– 49 Euro for new customers (65 with SpamSieve)

PowerMail 5.5 can be purchased from our secure server:


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[2] Current owners: updating your PowerMail database

[3] Extend PowerMail’s search to all your documents and
attachments with FoxTrot Personal Search 1.1 universal

[4] Inexpensive pricing for site-licenses

[5] Reminder – what is PowerMail 5


))PowerMail 5.5 universal change list (from 5.2.3)

* Further performance increase, with full completion of
Universal-binary deliverables:

– PowerMail is now a Universal application running natively
on Intel and PowerPC Macs, working on Mac OS X 10.3.9 and 10.4.x
(10.4.8 or greater recommended).

– This project turned out to be a large-scale, 6-month
undertaking, which underscores our commitment to PowerMail’s future.

– As a token of appreciation to our customers, we have
decided to make this upgrade free of charge to current PowerMail 5 users.

– On Intel-based Macs especially, you will notice much
improvement in stability as a result of the necessary rewrites, plus
an overall doubling of speed.

– Core searching includes the latest optimizations shared
with version 1.1 of FoxTrot Personal Search

– Also, the PowerMail 5.5 disk image includes the most
recent Universal-binary version of SpamSieve (2.4.4).

* New features and reliability enhancements

– Implemented Zip compression/decompression, which replaces
the prior requirement to have a 3rd-party product installed in order
to stuff files.

– Applications – as well as other file packages – can now
be attached to a message from the “add attachment” button or menu.

– Copying an e-mail address from an address book contact
window could fail.

– If a message contains an incorrectly encoded attachment
(which appears encoded in the message body), the message is no longer
indexed, as it could hang the indexer for a bit of time.

– A crash could occur when scrolling certain HTML messages
using the mouse wheel.

– The connection to a POP server could previously hang in
some circumstances, especially with many simultaneous networking threads.

– An error could occur when importing some PowerMail
Exchange files containing garbled attachment names.

– Changing the character set encoding of a received message
being displayed produced unamiable results

– Fixed a 5.5b2 bug in the license displayed in the about

– Copying text and pasting it in Tex-Edit Plus did not work
correctly on an Intel-based Mac.

* A note to first-time users evaluating PowerMail

– PowerMail is a state-of-the art POP3/SMTP mail client with
light-weight IMAP4 support (i.e.: no filtering).

In order to discover PowerMail’s full efficiency and high-performance
searching, we recommend that evaluations of PowerMail start using the
POP3 mail orotocol, and use IMAP4 useful, occasional, secondary

Full release notes:



First, please make a backup of the folder containing your personal
PowerMail data, as the file format has changed in 5.5 and once
converted will no longer be openable with older versions. However,
5.5-converted databases can be used indifferently on PowerPC and
Intel-based processor.

))Converting from PowerMail 3 or 4

Second, download and install PowerMail *5.2.3* and run it once to
convert your data to PowerMail 5 format. This is a precautionary step
that we we recommend taking before moving on to the following stepp.

))From PowerMail 5

After downloading 5.5, replace your current PowerMail 5 application
with the PowerMail application copied from the downloaded disk image,
and if you own SpamSieve you may also want to update with the latest
version to date (for convenience, the disk image now contains an
alias to your Applications folder, so items can be dragged directly
there) PowerMail icon in the dock and replace it as well.

If you experience any database or index-related error, hold the
option and command keys upon launching PowerMail and click on the
first five buttons in the PowerMail First Aid dialog.


The precise, high-speed search engine found in PowerMail can now be
used to find within your documents by content, metadata of file name,
categorize and preview your results.

FoxTrot Personal Search, a 29 Euro product, can be evaluated for 30
days; more information and trial version on:



PowerMail 5 has never been more affordable for your small office,
workgroup, team, division or entire company: degressive pricing,
starting with just 3 users, allows you to share the PowerMail user
experience while paying less and supporting your favorite e-mail

For instance, the per-seat pricing for 20 users is under 20 Euro. For
more pricing information, see:


and for a commitment-free custom quote:



PowerMail 5.x feature overview

* Better at fighting spam:

o Built-in filters enhancement for dealing with spam

o Tight integration with SpamSieve for best efficiency

* Improved performance and functionality:

o Now ships as Universal, Mac OS X-only Mach-0 binary
(requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later)

o Much faster when fetching, filtering and storing
messages; searchable via Spotlight on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

o Many more filter actions (including by content)

o Delete messages after “n” days in the Mail trash

o Ability to process incorrectly-decoded messages again

o Long file names and alias support for attachments

o Ability to export attachments along with messages

* User interface enhancements:

o Fully customizable toolbars in mail browser, recent
mail, message window, address book and setting dialogs, with extra
addable toolbar buttons

o New multiple “Undo” feature on moving messages, change
status, mark read/unread, mark as spam/mark as good

o Ability to use System sounds and custom sounds

o New filter interface eases editing of complex rules

o Configurable Address history and Recent mail view

o Supports .sitx decompression if Stuffit Engine is

o Integrated and customizable Mac OS X toolbar

o Live resizing of windows

o Better organization of the Scripts menu

PowerMail for Mac OS X is a product of CTM Development –

The PowerMail Engine, a licensable multi-platform mail client
foundation for Windows, BSD UNIX, Linux, Mac OS and smartphones is a
product of PowerMail Technologies (c) 1995, 2000, 2006

FoxTrot and FoxTrot Personal Search are products of and (c) 2003-2006
CTM Development. FoxTrot search technologies are developer-licensable
and extensible, please visit:


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