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Checkout: Point of Sale for Mac Public Beta

Amsterdam, NL October 23, — announces the release of
the private beta of Disco, for Mac OS 10.4.

Disco is the missing solution for disc burning on your Mac.
Utilizing a simple and fun workflow based interface, users are able
to accomplish real burning tasks with minimal effort.

The entire burning process has been designed from the ground up to
work efficiently and effectively for the user. Steps smoothly glide
into place and progress bars pulse as the user moves through the

Simplicity doesn’t result in meager features, however — as Disco is
jam packed with things like:

– Disc spanning

– Full multi session support

– Multi file system support

– One to one copies

– VIDEO_TS burning

– Motion sensor support

– … and a bunch of disc imaging options.

Disco also includes a standout feature called Discography.
Discography seamlessly tracks all of your burns and lets you search
through tens of thousands of previously burned files to find out what
disc they are on. Burnt a picture a year ago and want to know what
disc it’s on? Open Discography, start typing keywords, and Disco
will narrow down a list of related files and the discs they are on.

Talk about fun, Disco’s window emits fully realistic rendered 3d
smoke while burning on those machines that support it. As promised,
the developers have truly taken the AppZapper screen flash to the
next level.

Having announced Disco just over two months ago, hundreds of
thousands of people have become interested and active readers of the
Disco blog. Those who were lucky enough to have pre-ordered get to
use it today, and the rest will have their hands on it shortly.
Disco is currently in private beta and will be available in the first
half of November.

For more information, visit:


Madebysofa is an interface design and software company, who’s primary
mission is to bring software with great interfaces to areas where
usability is often considered an afterthought. “We rather make
beautiful things” –

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