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LANsurveyor 8.6 for Macintosh

Leading Network Documentation Software Adds Linux Client Support

LAFAYETTE, CA – October 19, 2006 – Neon Software, Inc. announced
today the immediate availability of LANsurveyor version 8.6 for the
Macintosh. Network administrators utilize LANsurveyor to efficiently
safeguard and monitor their networks with automated graphical network
mapping, asset management reports, network monitoring, and intrusion

LANsurveyor is easy to configure and operate and is used by small to
medium organizations as well as organizations with thousands of
network nodes. Unlike expensive solutions that require extensive
training or a team of consultants to master and install, LANsurveyor
is inexpensive, installs quickly and easily, and scales to meet
customer requirements.

The new version of LANsurveyor expands its award-winning feature set
to include:

* New Mac OS X Universal Binary Neon Responder operates as a daemon

* Complete support for the new Linux-based Neon Responder

* More complete Windows-based Neon Responder asset reports

* More than 150 new vendor icons

* An updated user interface

The new Neon Responder (LANsurveyor client software) supports all
major operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, and now Linux.
The all-new Mac OS X Neon Responder now functions as a daemon, client
management capabilities such as shutting down or restarting computers
without a user logged in.

The new Neon Responder for Intel-compatible Linux systems based on
the 2.4 or later kernel supports a number of Linux installations,
including Red Hat, Cent OS, SuSE, Debian, and Ubuntu.

Hardware asset reports for all platforms now include the hardware
manufacturer, CPU chip manufacturer, and common marketing name for
the CPU chip.

Availability and Pricing

LANsurveyor 8.6 is now available from Neon Software resellers,
distributors, and the Neon Software web site at

LANsurveyor, which can map any size LAN or WAN, is only US$995.

Neon Responders, the LANsurveyor client software used for asset
management, reporting, and management, are available in add-on packs
for between $9 and $20 per node, depending upon quantity purchased.

About Neon Software

Founded in 1989, Neon Software creates powerful, easy to use, and
cost-effective network management solutions. In addition to
LANsurveyor, Neon Software publishes CyberGauge. CyberGauge uses SNMP
to monitor and chart bandwidth in real-time and produce daily,
weekly, and monthly Quality of Service (QoS) and billing reports.

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