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PowerSlides gives a fresh new edge to Keynote and PowerPoint users

OMAHA, NE – October 5, 2006 – Everyone’s done it. We have all given
an AppleR KeynoteR or MicrosoftR PowerPointR presentation at some
time that simply uses the same recycled look that has been around for
years. PowerSlidesT by macwareR shoves aside these outdated
guidelines by powerfully enhancing presentation backgrounds, and
giving guidance to better deliver a message through the use of slide
design templates.

Key PowerSlides features include:

– Over 200 Designer Backgrounds

– Over 300 Textured Backgrounds

– 15 Progressive Backgrounds

– Over 100 pre-formatted slide templates

– 50 Template Sets that include title, text and print variations

A new approach to slide presentations is found in PowerSlides unique
Progressive Backgrounds. Progressive Backgrounds visually show the
passage of time or dynamic action as each slide helps guide an
audience through your message. This can show the phases of the moon,
a human in action, the cycle of a single day, and much more.

With and estimated 30 million presentations given each day by
students, teachers, businesses and organizations, finding a fresh
look is key to grabbing the attention of others. What many people
don’t realize is that serious testing by top institutions has
determined the best presentation practices. These are infused into
PowerSlides and include:

– using as few slides as possible to keep attention focused on the presenter

– minimizing bullet points in slides

– using blue backgrounds to capture and keep the attention of your audience

– limiting transitions and animations, or not using them at all

Since PowerSlides installs for direct use within Keynote and
PowerPoint, presentations can be easily enhanced to today’s
eye-catching looks. There is no need to export your presentation into
a separate application that will “jazz it up” with the very
transitions and animations proven to work against you.

PowerSlidesT is now available in Apple retail stores, CompUSA and
other software retailers, or online with a Suggested Retail of $39.99.

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