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Decimus Software releases Synk 6

Decimus Software today announced the release of Synk 6, their synchronization and backup software for Mac OS X. Synk 6 features a new technology called ZeroScan that can make incremental backups up to 100 times faster than competing products and previous versions of Synk, notes the company. The Synk 6 product line consists of three products, for users with different needs. Synk Backup (US$25) provides an easy-to-use interface to harness ZeroScan and the Synk 6 engine to perform scheduled, archiving backups of your entire system, home directory, or specific folders. Synk Standard ($35) adds 2-way synchronization and extra customization of the synchronization process. Synk Professional ($45) further provides full N-way synchronization (an industry-first) with deep configurability aimed at expert users.

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