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MediaCentral 2.3

Support for additional DVB-T devices and Flickr/.Mac Photocast streams

Munich (Germany) / San Mateo, CA (USA) – September 22nd, 2006: The
number of satisfied customers is growing, and so are MediaCentral’s
capabilities. MediaCentral now supports additional DVB-T devices,
like the popular Miglia TVMini, the Freecom DVB-T USB Stick and the
Digitus DVB-T Digital USB 2.0 TV Receiver Stick. equinux also added a
“DV port” which allows to connect FireWire devices or the iSight.

Flickr, the successful online photo community, is now fully
integrated into MediaCentral. MediaCentral users can now personalize
their Picture Module with their own flickr albums or add any favorite
flickr RSS feeds. Anyone using Apple’s .Mac Photocast feature can now
include their online albums and watch them in MediaCentral.

Grooving to ones favorite radio channel is becoming more entertaining
with MediaCentral. The Radio Module of MediaCentral 2.3 has been
updated to support Windows Media and Real Player streams. Own
favorite channels using this technology can now easily be added to
the “My Radio” folder in “My MediaCentral”.

equinux finally added more online content to MediaCentral, such as
additional IP TV and radio stations (English, German, Dutch, Spanish,
Russian) and updated the Movie Trailers section.

MediaCentral is localized in 7 languages (English, German, French,
Italian, Danish, Russian, Traditional Chinese). A free trial version
of MediaCentral can be downloaded from
( Purchases start at $29.95 and
can be placed at (

CoverScout 2.1.1 becomes iTunes’ new best friend New version adds
iTunes 7 compatibility

Munich (Germany) / San Mateo, CA (USA) – September 22nd, 2006:
CoverScout 2.1.1 ensures its compatibility with iTunes 7 and has been
actualized as the ideal complement to iTunes’ new Cover Flow feature.

With the release of iTunes 7, the feature to add missing album art to
a user’s iTunes library was included. The iTunes Store carries
thousands but not all of album covers and therefore often does not
find the right ones. CoverScout has been enhanced to even facilitate
the search for hard-to-find covers. With its advanced Amazon and
Google Images search options and on-the-fly iTunes synchronisation,
users everywhere will have their library completely covered with

“Adding covers to your iTunes library and creating a visual stunning
library has become more important with iTunes 7. But did you try to
find all your cover art with iTunes 7? Our experiences show that a
standard user only finds around 30-40% of their missing music covers
with iTunes. So it’s CoverScout’s turn. The application is the
ultimate iTunes companion to add ALL missing covers,” states Till
Schadde, CEO of equinux.

More information and the option to download a free trial version for
both products, MediaCentral as well as CoverScout, can be found on
the equinux website at ( Purchases can be
made directly (

About equinux
equinux (, located in San Mateo, CA (USA) and
Munich, Germany, developes and distributes market-leading Mac
solutions for professionals and consumers alike. Today users, from
all over the world, rely on equinux’s award-winning and trusted
applications. equinux’s product portfolio consists of the two product
lines, professional and consumer applications:

– Professional Line –
equinux creates professional products based upon existing and
emerging technologies previously unavailable to Mac Users in the
Security and IT industries. The market-leading VPN Tracker is
specifically designed for Mac users on-the-go wanting a secure remote
connection to their office network. VPN Solution for Mac is a
combination of the software, VPN Tracker and a compatible hardware
device, that allows any user to easily establish a connection to
access their office or home network. APC Tracker is the intelligent
software for connecting Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from APC
with Mac computers and servers. MacDial is a Mac-compatible software
application that dials telephone numbers from Mac OS X programs,
databases and the personal address book using elmeg, Tiptel and
Asterisk telephones.

– Consumer Line –
equinux consumer products are developed with the purpose of filling
needs of everyday Mac Users. iSale, the two time Apple Design Award
winning and eBay certified user-friendly application, allows users to
sell products on eBay easily. MediaCentral is employed by Mac users
all over the world to view their media in one application, from IP TV
to movies. CoverScout enables users to easily find and assign covers
for their iTunes libraries. On Air transforms the Mac into a
broadcast studio and allows to find, view, record and edit multiple
video sources.

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