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Opticover Screen Protector for new iPod nano announced

Pacific Rim Marketing today announced its “Opticover Screen Protector” for the new iPod nano. “Made from aerospace polyurethane, the Opticover Screen Protector will protect the second generation iPod nano from scratches with a tough barrier so durable that it is used on the front of Ferraris and Porches to protect the paint from rocks and road rash,” notes the company. “Opticover is so thin you will hardly know it’s there. It is so clear you will think it came from the factory this way. Unlike some other products on the market there is no “orange peel” effect, where the material looks like the texture of an orange skin when applied.” Opticover Screen Protector for the second generation iPod nano is priced at US$8.99, including shipping, and will be available from Monday, September 18.

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