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Impostrip is Universal

First imposition software to run Mac OS X Universal for Intel Macs

Montreal, September 13, 2006 Ultimate Technographics Inc,
(, the leading imposition software
developer and the inventor of digital imposition, is pleased to
announce the release of another industry first, imposition software
that runs in the Universal mode of OSX on Intel based Macintosh
Computers from Apple. At Graph Expo in Chicago next month, Ultimate
will release Impostrip 8.3 which has been rewritten to give full
support as Universal application.

“Impostrip always supported the Rosetta environment in OSX, which
other imposition packages did not even support, but this is an
emulation mode that is not nearly as fast as the universal mode,”
explains David Watson, President and CEO. “Ultimate was the first Mac
imposition software in 1990, it was the first Power PC imposition
software, the first on OSX and every release of it since. We carry on
this tradition with Universal.”

Tests show that the Universal application is 2 to 3 times faster.
This means much greater productivity for Impostrip users. Impostrip
is the only client/server imposition software so the gain in speed is
both on the client side and the server side.

Impostrip features:

Client-Server Imposition Workflow
* Impostrip contains two modules: the client and the server application

* The client and the server can be either on a Macintosh or a Windows computer

* Impostrip offers unlimited clients (Impostrip Solo is limited to one client)

* Workstation is freed immediately to perform other tasks

* Minimized network activity

* More plates per hour

Automated Impostrip Workflow
Unique hot folder automation using dynamic templates to fully
automate the imposition process from input to output by simply
dragging the source files to the hot folder.

* Minimize human errors

* Allows inexperienced employees to output imposed jobs for proofing
or final output without using the client application

* A basic template is used in hot folder automation there is no need
to create a complete job, Impostrip will build and repaginate the
imposition based on the number of pages in the source files

* Output files are named as the source files to overcome overwriting

* Unlimited Hot Folders can be created on the network

Post-Rip and JDF Workflow Benefits
* Impostrip Server can be installed on the file or rip server to
minimize network traffic

* Single low resolution files can be automated with Hot Folder Automation

* Hot Folder automation can also be used to automatically generate
complete JDF imposition by populating the hot folder template. Other
solutions must provide the complete imposition every time a JDF is
submitted to the workflow. Supports populated and unpopulated JDF.

Dynamic Templates
Impostrip templates can be reformatted automatically without having
to create new templates manually. Press sheet sizes and page sizes
can be reformatted automatically along with the press marks.

* Faster creation of similar templates

* Less human errors

* Minimize the amount of templates and hot folders required in your shop

* Dynamic marks: press marks automatically fit new templates

* Overprinting of marks with density control to avoid exceeding
maximum color densities

Easy web or sheetfed press template making with Origami Use Origami
to create new imposition templates. Origami is a virtual paper
folding tool built-into Impostrip. Origami allows you to fold your
press sheet on screen, automatically generates pages in the proper
imposed order and orientation with cut and fold marks in place – once
complete, add your own crop marks, and color bars to your templates.
Origami simulates the web press on-line finishing.

* Fold paper upward or downward to simulate the actual folding pattern

* Cut the paper to simulate step-and-repeat or multiple ups jobs

* Cut the paper to enable the sectioning feature (group different
signatures on the same press sheet to group common colors

* Move and place different webs to enable multiple sections

* Cut the paper to create slit webs (full, half, 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 web)

* Combine webs

Built-in Color Bar Editor
Create you own color bar (up to 8 colors) and customize with
different densities, line screen and use special patterns. Impostrip
can also import any press marks for regular placement.

* The created Color Bar Editor mark is embedded in the template and
can be used by all workstations

* Can replace press manufacturer’s color bar

* Automatically fits any press sheet size

* Automatic remapping of spot colors

* Multiple layering

Impostrip 8.3 is a free upgrade for Impostrip 8.x users on the
Ultimate Support Plan, for those users that are not there is an
upgrade fee.

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