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SubRosaSoft Inc. announces version 1.5 of MacForensicsLab

Union City, CA, August 24th, 2006 — Inc., a software
company focusing on system utility and data recovery software, today
announced the availability of MacForensicsLab version 1.5.
MacForensicsLab is a complete suite of forensics and analysis tools
in one cohesive package. Designed to work on Windows, Macintosh, and
Linux storage devices – MacForensicsLab is the first all-in-one,
easy-to-use forensics software suite for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux
platforms. The new version incorporates major enhancements in report
generation, bookmarking, file previewing, data salvaging, and a new
dual-bootable DVD.

One of the most requested features, the Auto Report Generation
function, gives the investigator the ability to export a report in
HTML format. The result is a customizable report, combining case
details, thumbnails of bookmarked files, and log data that can easily
be shared with the involved parties.

Based on users’ feedback, the new version of MacForensicsLab also
contains a completely new file browser that allows investigators to
view the content from an entire directory structure in one window.
The investigator can preview pictures, movies, audio files, etc. The
improved bookmark function, with the new ability to allow the
investigator to bookmark files from multiple windows, can then be
used to select the files for later reference.

The updated salvage process now contains the ability to resume if
halted as a result of a lack of available space. Moreover, the
salvage window itself has been streamlined, and investigators can
easily target and salvage specific file types, speeding up the
process of salvaging the necessary files.

Last but not least, MacForensicsLab is now available on a
dual-bootable DVD, allowing investigators to boot both PowerPC and
Intel based Macintosh systems quickly and easily.

Written specifically for Mac OS X, MacForensicsLab includes powerful
features that give a user excellent flexibility and control in data
analysis, evidence retrieval, and facts reporting:

* Auto report generation creates professional reports to support you
in presenting your evidence.

* Extensive detailed logs to support you in record keeping and
understanding your evidence.

* Industrial strength device imaging to create a disk image of a
device for data analysis.

* In depth catalogs traversing directories to catalog all files as
well as to zero in on suspect material.

* Browser window allowing files of entire directories to be previewed at once.

* Keyword searching and analysis to explore the data of a file or
device block by block.

* File salvaging and extraction to recover as many files as possible
from the suspect’s drive, media, folders, or files (such as caches
and embedded pictures).

* Disk arbitration management to prevent writing to the suspect
device accidentally.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

The MSRP for MacForensicsLab is $995.

MacForensicsLab requires System 10.3 or higher.

For more information on MacForensicsLab, please visit

To facilitate feedback, usage techniques, and issue reporting on the
product, a discussion board has been setup at
( Users interested in
learning forensics techniques specific to Mac OS X are encouraged to

About Inc.

SubRosaSoft’s design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet
extremely powerful Mac OS X software. For more information, contact Inc. by e-mail at or

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