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PostgreSQL 8.1 Bootcamp in Germany

Veitsh=F6chheim, Germany – August 21, 2006 – We=20
know. You learn. You know. PostgreSQL 8.1=20
Bootcamp in Germany, Nov. 13-17, 2006

Big Nerd Ranch Europe announces a new opportunity=20
to participate in the popular PostgreSQL Bootcamp=20
in Europe. The class, scheduled for November=20
13-17, is five days of intensive instruction on=20
PostgreSQL 8.1 as a database solution for=20
professional applications. Instructor Chris=20
Campbell guides students through the ins and outs=20
of PostgreSQL wherein, by the end of the week,=20
attendees will emerge with advanced skills in=20
PostgreSQL administration. Chris’s engaging and=20
energetic teaching style and rich experience in=20
PostgreSQL development and administration=20
positions him as an ideal instructor.

PostgreSQL has made a name for itself by=20
providing a scalable, flexible and robust=20
database solution. The syllabus covers the full=20
range of PostgreSQL capabilities and is launched=20
with an overview of building and installing a=20
PostgreSQL server. Once that skill is mastered,=20
the course leaps forward through a range of=20
advanced features, including, but not limited to:

* pgAdmin and phpPgAdmin

* creating databases and schemas

* users, access control, security and OpenSSL

* SELECT, JOIN, and data replication using Slony-I

* stored procedures

* mastering transactions, data types, and large objects

* PL/pgSQL and C functions

* tuning for optimum performance

* online backups

No previous experience in PostgreSQL is required,=20
but given the intricate nature of the topic,=20
students attending the class should have some=20
background with the UNIX command line and=20
administration, simple SQL statements, and basic=20
programming concepts. The class structure is=20
fluid and is designed to be practical for the=20
students attending. Therefore, the class outline=20
can be adjusted to accommodate the needs and=20
real-world challenges facing participants.

Chris Campbell, veteran PostgreSQL 8.1 developer=20
and bootcamp instructor, said, “By combining=20
short periods of instruction with hands-on=20
application of key concepts, students can=20
eliminate what can be an exhausting and sometimes=20
frustrating learning curve and emerge from the=20
class leaders in the field of PostgreSQL. There=20
are very few instances where such a small=20
investment of time and money can translate that=20
quickly into expertise and ultimately, cost=20
savings to a company or organization.”

Chris Campbell boasts an extensive background in=20
database design and management in PostgreSQL 8.1=20
development. He has worked as lead programmer in=20
a number of projects and software development, at=20
Cisco Systems and other IT companies in the=20
Atlanta area. Since assuming his role as=20
PostgreSQL Bootcamp instructor, Chris has=20
developed and fine-tuned the curriculum and=20
instructional materials into one of the flagship=20
courses in the Big Nerd Ranch schedule of=20
classes. “Chris Campbell”, commented Big Nerd=20
Ranch founder, Aaron Hillegass, “has been=20
proselytizing the wonders of PostgreSQL as an=20
instructor for over three years and is unmatched=20
for providing keen, insightful and highly=20
adaptive instruction to database administrators.”

Read more about PostgreSQL Bootcamp=20
including the complete syllabus or our instructor=20
Chris Campbell=20

The Big Nerd Ranch incorporates intensive=20
training classes for Unix and Mac OS X=20
programmers in a retreat setting outside=20
=46rankfurt, Germany. Class price of =A42800 includes=20
lodging, all meals, original instruction=20
materials, 24-hour lab access, and transportation=20
to and from the Frankfurt airport. Students are=20
encouraged to bring independent projects to=20
class, allowing for input from classmates and=20
individual instructor attention. For more=20
information, call +49 (931) 9911-485 or visit=20

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