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MailTags 2.0 public beta release released

indev today announced the release MailTags 2.0 public beta for Mac OS X 10.4, a plug-in that extends Apple’s Mail client, turning Mail into a powerful organizational tool. MailTags allows tagging message with keywords, projects, priorities, due date, to do items, and notes. In fact, MailTags today offers OS X 10.4 users several features announced for Mail 3.0 in OS X 10.5 Leopard, notes the company. This release features: full compatibility with IMAP mail servers, saving tags with messages on the IMAP server so that metadata is available from any computer using Mail+MailTags; the ability to send tags with messages so recipients will receive the message pre tagged; and more. MailTags will be available for US$29.95 when it is fully released this fall.

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