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RouteBuddy 1.1 released

RouteBuddy Ltd are pleased to announce the release of RouteBuddy 1.1,
a major update to their innovative new GPS mapping program for Mac OS

RouteBuddy provides native Mac OS X support for Garmin GPS devices,
and allows users to manage and display their GPS data in conjunction
with a set of high-precision vector-based road maps.

RouteBuddy 1.1 adds support for road-level routing, automatic speed
selection for any NMEA GPS device, numerous minor bug fixes, and is
now a Universal Binary.

RouteBuddy 1.1 is available immediately, and a free demo can be
downloaded from:


RouteBuddy costs $99.50, and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

About RouteBuddy Ltd

Founded in 2005, RouteBuddy Ltd have pioneered development of native
GPS mapping software for Mac OS X.

By bringing high-precision vector map data to Apple’s unique
platform, RouteBuddy aim to take full advantage of native Mac OS X
technologies such as Quartz graphics and multi-processing to develop
powerful new GPS solutions for Mac users.

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