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Major update features support for undo, superuser mode, labels
editor, performance enhancements, and more.

LOS ANGELES, California (August 15, 2006) — Cocoatech today
announced the release of Path Finder 4.5, an enhanced version of
their award-winning file browser. Path Finder 4.5 features a number
of customer-requested improvements including undo support, superuser
mode, a labels editor, performance enhancements, and much more. Path
Finder 4.5 is available as a universal binary with native support for
Intel and PPC macs.

A few of the new features in Path Finder 4.5 include:

Undo Support – Move, copy, and send to trash operations are now
easily undone via a menu item or keystroke.

Superuser Mode – The ability to temporarily elevate the user’s
permissions to superuser is now intergrated throughout Path Finder.
Moving, copying, deleting, saving, and renaming files are just a few
of the file operations that can be performed in superuser mode.

Labels editor – You can now edit label names and colors via Path
Finder’s new Labels editor

Multiple Shelves – Path Finder 4.5 reintroduces the ability to
define, save, and switch between multiple Shelves.

Reload File Listing – Path Finder now has a reload button which
forces file listings to refresh. This works around an issue where OS
X may not automatically refresh changes to the file system.

Performance enhancements – There has been extensive improvements to
Path Finder performance, including launch time as well as overall
application responsiveness.

A complete change log is available from:

Pricing and Availability

Path Finder 4.5 is $34.95 and is available for purchase and automatic
registration via its built-in store. It is a free upgrade for
existing Path Finder 4 customers.

Previous Path Finder customers can upgrade to Path Finder 4.5 for
$17.95, also purchasable via the built-in store.

Path Finder 4.5 is downloadable as a fully functional 21-day demo,
and requires a minumum of Mac OS 10.4.

For a full feature list, more details on Path Finder 4, and for
screenshots of the application’s many new features, please visit the
Path Finder 4 web site:

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