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Rondo 2.0 Midi Player for Mac OS X released

FracturedSoftware today announced the availability of Rondo 2.0, an update to its award winning Midi Player for Mac OS X. This latest version of Rondo now includes several larger pianos and a Midi library with playlists to help users store, organize and play MIDI files. “Rondo is unique among midi players as it has been designed specifically to help you follow the music as it plays. Its vertical piano roll with horizontal keyboard located directly over the scrolling notes makes it very easy to see what notes are about to sound. And features such as looping, tempo control and separate audio and visual track filtering help you focus on just a part of the melody so that you can play along. Rondo keeps things simple and uncluttered making it an excellent practice aid for both professional and aspiring non-score reading musicians.” It is priced at US$25.

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