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Insider Software’s FontAgent Pro has Universal Appeal

Updates to Font Server and Font Manager
Deliver Dramatic Speed Increases via Intel Binary Support

Los Gatos, CA — August 8, 2006 – Insider Software today announced
updates to its #1-rated font management and repair software.
Available immediately, FontAgent Pro Server 1.2 and FontAgent Pro 3.3
gain increased speed and native support for Apple’s new Intel-based

In addition, FontAgent Pro 3.3 has added the following new features:
* Auto-activation plug-in for Adobe InCopyCS2 * Universal binary
auto-activation XTension for QuarkXPress 7 and the just-released
QuarkXPress 7 universal binary version * Updates to French, German
and Italian localized versions

FontAgent Pro 3.3 provides integrated font management, diagnostics
and repair and FontAgent Pro Server 1.2 enables automatic font
distribution and synchronization across the enterprise. In addition
to supporting the newest hardware from Apple, FontAgent Pro maintains
backwards compatibility with Power PC G4 and G5 machines and
continues its support for Classic mode.

About FontAgent Pro and FontAgent Pro Server FontAgent Pro, designed
for creative professionals, provide a complete font management system
that integrates diagnostics, repair, font selection, font book
creation, and design tools in a single powerful, yet simple
application. It is the only product to offer such modern features as
multiple font libraries, cascading sets for job and project
management, and a Font Player that provides interactive real-time
font selection tools. FontAgent Pro is available in three varieties:
standalone desktop version, workgroup edition that enables zero
configuration font-sharing across the enterprise using Bonjour
technology, and the new FontAgent Pro Client/Server that provides
maximum consistency and control. FontAgent Pro Server enables IT
managers and system administrators to automate the process of
distributing and synchronizing fonts, while providing the control
necessary to ensure that the workflow runs smoothly.

FontAgent Pro also offers unique administrative tools with its
ability to secure workstations, permitting modifications to libraries
and sets only if approved by the administrator. Multiple startup sets
can be configured and fonts can be auto-activated even without
launching FontAgent Pro. Powerful live searching and extensive
filtering provide additional power and flexibility.

Download Instructions

Users can download the newest updates from the Insider Software website at:

System Requirements

FontAgent Pro 3.3 requires Mac OS X version 10.3 or later, and 15 MB
of memory. FontAgent Pro Server 1.2 requires Mac OS X version 10.3 or
later and 15 MB of memory.

Pricing and Availability

FontAgent Pro 3 has a suggested retail price of $99.95. FontAgent Pro
Workgroup Edition with serverless font-sharing and the FontAgent Pro
Client are priced at $129.95. Users owning licenses of earlier
versions of FontAgent Pro can upgrade to Version 3 Standalone Edition
for $49.95 US. Upgrades to the workgroup or server editions are
$64.95. FontAgent Pro Server has a suggested retail price of $1495,
and users of competitive products are eligible for special
cross-grade pricing.

About Insider Software

Founded in 1994, Insider Software makes products that streamline the
creative process. With the most extensive array of font management
utilities on the market, Insider has the ideal solution for every
font management scenario.

FontAgent is a registered trademark, and FontAgent Pro, Font Player,
Font Compare, Insider, and the Insider logo are trademarks of Insider
Software. Other products mentioned are trademarks of their respective

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