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SeisMaCalibrate Calibration Tool

Suitable Systems Releases SeisMaCalibrate Calibration Tool

– Free software calibrates the Sudden Motion Sensor in your laptop –

WAKEFIELD, MA (August 7, 2006) – Suitable Systems has released
SeisMaCalibrate, a new software tool that calibrates your Sudden
Motion Sensor (SMS) so you can have accurate acceleration readings in
three axes.

While a number of products have been released that use Apple’s SMS to
perform various tasks, SeisMaCalibrate is the first tool that, axis
by axis, accurately determines each SMS’s offset and scale error. The
error values are then used to create calibration values, which are
stored for later use by other programs (such as Suitable Systems’

One difficulty in developing for the SMS is that different models of
MacBook Pro, MacBook, PowerBook and iBook have vastly different SMS
calibration values. Although Suitable Systems’ previous product
SeisMac attempted to set intelligent default calibration values, a
lack of Apple-supplied information made this problematic. Now, once
SeisMaCalibrate users have accurately calibrated their SMSs, they can
click a button to email a summary of their machine and the
calibration back to Suitable Systems. This will aid in developing
industry-leading per-model default values for SMS access.

SeisMaCalibrate is free for Mac OS X 10.4 or later. For more
information, visit

About Suitable Systems

Suitable Systems is a software consultancy, with capabilities
centered in interface design, educational software, and client-server
systems. We generally focus on designing and building a project’s
interactivity, integrating text, images, audio and video into the
final product. However, the projects we enjoy the most are those that
use our full range of skills, from feature set definition through
user interface design and into implementation. We especially enjoy
networked applications with hardware control features.

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