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Humble Daisy releases ProfCast 2.0 public beta

Humble Daisy today released ProfCast 2.0 public beta, the latest update to it’s flagship lecture recording and podcast creation software. ProfCast is a tool for recording lectures and creating enhanced podcasts, and provides a low cost solution for recording and distributing lectures, special events, and presentations as podcasts. The advancements in ProfCast 2.0 allow for more flexibility, easier use and many user requested features. ProfCast 2.0 also includes a new underlying architecture and a host of new features. ProfCast carries a retail price of US$35. Until the official release of ProfCast 2.0, ProfCast 1.5.X will be selling for US$25, a $10 discount from the regular retail price, and will be a free upgrade to all registered users of ProfCast 1.5.

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