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Slide for Macintosh

August 4, 2006 – Slide, Inc last night released a new version of
Slide for Macintosh, as well as an entirely new Dashboard Widget.

The Slide Dashboard Widget brings you the coolest Web content in the
sleek and beautiful style of the Mac OS X Dashboard. Stay up to date
with the latest from Gizmodo, Boing Boing, iTunes New Releases, Cute
Overload, Astronomy Picture of the Day, and many other popular web
destinations. Experience all that the Web has to offer with Slide’s
unique “House of Feeds” Slide Show, a collection of hundreds of RSS
photo feeds updated in real time. The Slide Dashboard Widget
encompasses all that Slide has to offer in a small and shiny package:
get the stuff you want to know about delivered right to your Desktop.

The latest release of Slide’s full featured Desktop product, Slide
for Macintosh, includes new features for creating visual and sharable
bookmarks, a unique single gesture drag and drop interface for
uploading and sharing any file or URL, handy shortcuts for embedding
Slide Shows into web pages and blogs, Address Book auto completion in
share window, and a new Theme engine with six new looks for Slide on
your Mac.

Also, keep in touch with the latest developments of Slide for
Macintosh! The new Slide for Macintosh blog will bring up updates,
tutorials, opinions, and more. Check it out at

About Slide

Slide delivers your favorite digital content to your desktop or Web
site in the form of a simple, sleek Slide show. Whether you want
personal photos, stuff to buy or news and entertainment, Slide brings
it all to you.

Slide was founded in 2004 by Max Levchin, co-founder and former CTO
of PayPal, and is lead by a management team that helped to build
companies like eBay, Adobe, PayPal and Openwave. Our mission is to
dramatically simplify the way people consume information and interact
with each other online. Today, the number of Slide fans–already in
the millions–continues to grow rapidly every day.

What is Slide

Slide delivers digital content from any source directly to you
according to your interests: images, text and video created by you or
your friends, the Web’s top news and entertainment sources, the
blogosphere and the most popular online merchants… anything can be
watched in Slide.

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