Site icon says “No More Naked Apples”

After an 8-week hiatus, is back online with more to offer. This latest installment of the MacStyles Web site includes the addition of PodStyles — vinyl decals for 5th Generation iPods and nanos. “For a while we were in limbo about what to do about PodStyles. The market is flooded with iPod decals and we didn’t want to add something ordinary and mundane,” said Scott Rafferty, MacStyles’ president. “Customers kept on our backs about it so we decided to go for it. We’re confident that the PodStyles will be a welcomed and successful addition to our current product lines.” Along with PodStyles, they are also rolling out decals for the Mac mini. Mac mini ‘Wraps’ and ‘Caps’ will transform Apple’s simple white CPUs into desktop works of art. MacStyles and MacPads are priced at US$19.95 and $5.95, respectively. MiniWraps and MiniCaps are $7.95 each. PodStyles are $5.95 and all Maccents (including monogramming sets) are $3.95.

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