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iSoundCap announces new ball cap iPod accessory

iSoundCap today announced its latest iPod accessory, a new safe and comfortable way to carry your iPod. The iSoundCap is designed to hold the iPod nano and the iPod shuffle in a tight compartment stitched right into the Cap, with a tight sleeve for the wires and a spool to keep them neatly wrapped up. “Everyone who has used an iPod has had the unfortunate problem of getting tangled up in the headphone wires,” says Karl Foust, CEO of iSoundCap. “This happens at the gym, running, biking, dancing or just about any type of activity. The new patent pending iSoundCap allows the user to do all these activities without those pesky wires hanging from your ears to your iPod. We say it allows you to ‘Wire- Free your Music’ because the sensation is almost wireless.” iSoundCap is available for a pre-order introductory price of US$29.95 until August 15, 2006, when it is expected to ship.

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