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Zengobi Announces Curio 3.2

Zengobi Announces Curio 3.2
New iPhoto exporting, support for text tables and lists, and more!

RALEIGH, NC — July 12, 2006 — Zengobi today announced the availability of
Curio 3.2, the latest version of their award-winning brainstorming and
project management application for the Mac. Curio 3.2 features iPhoto
exporting for easy photocasting of your ideas and support for the new table
and list features built into Tiger’s text editor control. Curio 3.2 also
includes a new idea space toolbar popup that allows you to choose from a
variety of styles when creating new idea spaces, a new way to create an
instant archive of your projects, and a samples gallery depicting different
ways you might use Curio.

Curio is the ultimate brainstorming and project management application — a
truly flexible and powerful environment which promotes visual thinking for
gathering and shaping your ideas, while managing all the notes and
documents associated with your project.

Curio’s intuitive interface and extensive feature-set includes tools to
help you define the goals and scope of a project, collect research and take
notes, outline ideas and create to-do lists, construct conceptual diagrams
and flowcharts, and even sketch out designs with pressure-sensitive pens.
Anything you can do on a whiteboard or in a notebook, you can now do with
Curio, plus so much more.

Pricing and Availability
Curio 3.2 is available immediately for download
at Curio 3.2 is a free upgrade for Curio 3
customers and upgrade pricing for all other existing customers is available
via Zengobi’s Kagi store. Curio is available in Professional, K-12, Home,
and Basic editions starting at just US$39. Academic and volume discounts
are available and users can also download and use Curio as a full-featured
trial for 15 days. Zengobi will also provide a 60-day extended trial to
anyone who requests it. Full system requirements and more information on
Curio can be found at

About Zengobi, Inc.
Zengobi produces amazingly innovative software for creative thinkers and
design professionals only on the Macintosh. For more information about
Zengobi, visit

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