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AP: ‘Analyst Sees New IPods Delayed’

A story today from the Associated Press reports that one analyst, Tristan Gerra of Baird, concludes that Apple’s expected 6GB and 8GB iPod nanos may be delayed due to a recent drop in flash memory prices — 31 percent on the spot market this week due to a two-month pushout in iPod nano-related orders from June to August. “This suggests Apple’s upcoming 6 Gigabyte and 8 Gigabyte nano will be on the shelves in November rather than September,” Gerra wrote in a note. “Gerra also said he believes second-quarter sales for a ‘leading NAND flash supplier’ came in below target, which could indicate further price pressure over the next month. Gerra speculates that flash memory maker SanDisk Corp. may have to revise its Average Selling Price forecast for the year, as a result,” notes the story.

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