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seSales v1.4

seSales v1.4

Colorado Springs, Colorado — July 4, 2006 — Zarra Studios LLC
( has released the first public beta of seSales v1.4.
seSales is a small business point of sale (POS) application that was
designed from the ground up exclusively for Apple’s Macintosh OS X “Tiger.”
This unique POS system is designed with an efficient keyboard workflow for
fast and accurate order processing. It can also track in store credit and
utilize PayPal as your credit card clearing house.

seSales represents a completely native Cocoa solution designed exclusively
for OS X, with a primary focus of delivering a fast and accurate check-out
experience for the end customer. The workflow for invoice processing is
streamlined to work completely via keyboard commands or by mouse menus. A
cashier can choose the most efficient process, avoiding needless delays
while searching through cascading menus to find the correct option for the
customer’s order.

Featured in this release is the ability to handle rental items. Whether you
are renting furniture, an apartment or a mailbox, seSales can help you
manage your rentals, print out invoices, process renewals and track your
rentals by customer. All of this is included in the Standard Edition of
seSales and the upcoming release of 1.4 will be a free upgrade for all

In addition to this major feature, there have been numerous other
enhancements and improvements to seSales since its last release. This beta
period is provided as a way for customers and potential customers to have a
voice in how seSales will implement the processing of rental items.

Unversal Keybindings have also been added to seSales as of this beta
release. Users can now specify any keybinding they wish for any menu item
in the application — further enhancing the keyboard workflow.

Integration with MYOB has also been included in this release. It is now
possible to export customers, inventory and invoices into a file format
that is compatible with and can be imported into MYOB. seSales is now
compatible with both QuickBooks and MYOB.

For a full list of the features, enhancements and corrections made to
seSales in this beta release, please visit our website at

Pricing and Availability

Two versions of Simply Elegant Sales are available: The entry edition
($129.00US) is designed for the business owner who may already have a
credit card processing solution in place and does not wish to manage
employee hours via Simply Elegant Sales.

The standard edition ($249.00US) is designed for the business owner who
wishes to have credit card processing and employee hours tracked through
one application. Teaming up with two very well known credit card clearing
houses: First Data and PayPal, Simply Elegant Sales provides the business
owner with a choice of vendors to handle their credit cards with more
choices on the way in the very near future. The software is available
immediately. A demonstration copy is fully functional and is only limited
by the number of invoices and purchase orders that can be created. You can
download a copy today from our website:

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