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Swift Publisher 1.3

Swift Publisher 1.3

Odessa, Ukraine – June 28, 2006 – BeLight Software releases Swift Publisher
1.3, an update to its slick page layout application for designing and
printing flyers, newsletters, brochures, etc. New version touts 20 new
designs, improves picture import from iPhoto and Finder, adds Spotlight
support and more. The update is available to current users for free:

What’s New in Swift Publisher 1.3:

– 20 new designs added.
– New Mac related images added in Clipart.
– Spotlight support added. Document content is now automatically indexed in
the system.
– Choice of recent documents becomes available in Assistant.
– Problem with the program hang up while printing and coping/pasting
objects with shadows is solved.

– Inserting objects from other BeLight Software applications added.
– Importing images from Custom Folder: “Get Images from Subfolders” option
now can be switched off, Folders Tree was added.
– iPhoto folders are now supported.
– Pictures are now semitransparent while dragging from Clipart Panel for
visibility of layout.

– Problem with multicolumn text drawing while switching between pages was
fixed .
– “Move to Foreground/Background” option is now available for text.
– Problem with inserting text tab-stops using mouse was corrected.
– Temporary text disappearance on Mac OS 10.4 when object causes wrap was
– Other minor text bugs fixed.

– Now document workspace is saved (window size, scroller position, zoom
size, clipart panel position and other).
– Mask and picture saving was fixed.
– Now user designs are stored at Home directory. Problems with
ownership&permissions are solved.
– Now file icon displays the document preview.

About Swift Publisher:
Swift Publisher is a Macintosh page layout application for designing and
printing high impact documents – flyers, newsletters, brochures,
letterheads, etc. It has about 120 ready-made professional designs, 23,000
images, 100 unique masks and all the tools you need for customizing and
editing your documents. The app integrates with iPhoto. Read more:

About BeLight Software:
BeLight Software was founded in January 2003 by a team of very different
people in Odessa, Ukraine. The common goal is to provide Macintosh
community with smart Mac OS X applications, combining the newest computer
abilities and simplicity of use. The product line includes the
award-winning Business Card Composer, Mail Factory, Swift Publisher, Disc
Cover and Image Tricks for small businesses and home users.

For more information visit BeLight Software at:

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