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MobileTune FM transmitter and charger for iPod announced

Speck Products today announced the MobileTune FM transmitter and charger for iPod (US$59.95), a shift-knob inspired transmitter will offer music lovers iPod integration through their car’s stereo system. “Clad in soft, genuine leather with a polished chrome dial, the MobileTune is the model of sophistication in a category rampant with dull plastic devices,” says the company. “The MobileTune’s distinctive look is only rivaled by its superior performance. It comes with a built-in antenna that provides a strong, clear signal for superior audio performance. The built-in charging technology rapidly charges your iPod, while the self-resetting fuse protects it from power surges. Use MobileTune’s easy-turn tuner dial with station LCD to listen to your favorite music while experiencing its full-channel selection capabilities.” The MobileTune fits all 12V power sockets and is compatible with iPod mini (4GB, 6GB), iPod nano (2GB, 4GB), iPod with color display (20GB, 30GB, 40GB, 60GB, U2 edition), iPod 20GB U2 special edition, iPod 40GB, and iPod Video (30GB, 60GB).

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