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SoonR Adds Mac Support to its Remote Access Capabilities

SoonR Adds Mac Support to its Remote Access Capabilities

SoonR Extends Its Offerings to Access Information From Your Mac Using Any Cell Phone

San Francisco, CA — Supernova – June 22, 2006 — SoonR announced today that Mac users can take full advantage of the SoonR service. Mobile phone users can access Windows and Mac based information and make Skype calls from any cell phone or PDA over any carrier network. Macintosh users can now securely search their computer with Spotlight, access and share files on their Mac desktops as well as make Skype calls all over the world using a standard cell phone. With the number of Mac users increasing annually, this new capability lets SoonR embrace and add one of the computer industry’s most active communities to its already extensive Windows user base. The Mac version is currently in beta and is free to download at

“We are excited to extend the power of the Mac to mobile phones.” said Martin Frid-Nielsen, CEO of SoonR. “Users have been asking for this capability, and we fully understand the necessity and importance for any Web-based services company to be Mac compatible.”

The Mac version availability is being announced at Supernova where SoonR was named a Connected Innovator — an honor for only 12 companies out of hundreds nominated. The Connected Innovator award recognizes SoonR as a company with extraordinary potential to shape the connected future of distributed and mobile computing.

SoonR’s Mac version is just the latest significant milestone in the company’s mission to deliver the power of the PC to mobile phones. SoonR also lets you convert your MS Office files into an interactive thumbnail view on any regular cell phone, addressing 98% of the handset market, which currently has no ability to view these types of documents. Since no software is required to be installed on the phone, users can start accessing all relevant information from their computer using just a regular mobile phone within minutes of signing up with SoonR.

Mac version immediately includes SoonR Desktop and SoonR Talk, with the availability of SoonR Organizer in August.

About SoonR
SoonR lets mobile users tap into the power of their PC from any Internet-connected mobile handset, anywhere in the world. The SoonR service is built on a secure and extensible, open standards based mobile application platform, linking mobile phones to applications and data on any Internet connected Windows or Mac computer. People can use SoonR Desktop to search and access documents and images, SoonR Organizer for email, scheduling and contacts and SoonR Talk for mobile VoIP. SoonR integrates with a variety of Windows or Mac-based applications such as Google Desktop Search, MSN Desktop Search, Yahoo! Desktop Search, X1, Spotlight, Outlook and Skype. PC-based data is automatically rendered for an optimal mobile experience. SoonR performs all these functions without synchronization or any additional software on the handset. SoonR works across carriers and on any handset operating system including Palm, Microsoft, Blackberry, Symbian and others. The basic SoonR service is free. Data service is required and some SMS charges may apply.

SoonR was founded in 2004 by a team that has successfully worked together across multiple companies and is based in both Silicon Valley and Denmark. For more information, visit

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