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Rumpus 5.0: File Transfer Server Receives Major Update

Rumpus 5.0: File Transfer Server Receives Major Update

Support for secure transactions, Open Directory user authentication, remote
transfer monitoring and an updated Web interface top the list of updates to
Rumpus FTP.

June 7, 2006 – Rumpus FTP, the premier Internet file transfer server for
Macintosh, has been significantly improved in the latest update from Maxum
Development. Rumpus 5.0, released today, includes dozens of updates, and
several major new capabilities:

Secure Transfers

Built-in support for SSL allows users to connect securely via both Web
(HTTPS) and FTP (FTPS). FTPS clients such as Transmit and CuteFTP are
supported, as are virtually all modern Web browsers.

RumpusStat Widget

The Rumpus package now includes a Dashboard widget, which can be run on the
system administrator’s desktop Mac to monitor server status. The RumpusStat
widget displays overall server statistics, as well as recent file transfer

Revised Web Interface

The Web File Manager has been dramatically updated with a cleaner
appearance, ease-of-use improvements, and new capabilities. The new “task
bar” interface includes file and folder icons, the ability to download
entire folders, simplified navigation, and more. The new WFM interface is
also available in Dutch, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish, as well as

Open Directory Support

Integrating Rumpus services into a managed network has been made much
simpler with the ability to authenticate incoming users via compatible Open
Directory sources, such as LDAP or Active Directory servers.

Other Bug Corrections And Updates

Dozens of other minor feature improvements and bug fixes have also been
made, including: the Rumpus Web server is now more efficient, and has been
revised for better client compatibility (including work-arounds for known
issues in Microsoft Internet Explorer), Web-based user administration has
been integrated into the Rumpus Web File Manager interface, all components
of Rumpus now run natively on Intel-based Macs (the Rumpus application and
server daemon are Universal Binary executables), mail server compatibility
has been improved, and extended FTP commands, such as FEAT and EPSV are now
fully supported.

Rumpus 5.0 Standard Edition is priced at $269, or $99 to upgrade from any
previous Rumpus version. A Professional Edition for larger organizations
and ISPs is priced at $449, or $149 for the upgrade. Version 5.0 is a free
upgrade for any Rumpus customer who has purchased the product since January
1, 2005.

For complete details, including a free, fully-functional, time-limited
evaluation version, visit the Rumpus home page, at:

Rumpus FTP, first launched in 1997, is the premier file transfer server for
Mac OS. Maxum Development Corp. was the first commercial Internet software
company to release products for Mac OS, and continues to innovate with it’s
line of “Internet Server Essentials”.

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