Site icon announces ‘QuarkXPress 7 New Features’ tutorial today announced “QuarkXPress 7 New Features,” its new video-based tutorial with Jay Nelson. “In QuarkXPress 7 New Features, Jay Nelson, editor and publisher of Design Tools Monthly, expertly shows viewers how to take advantage of the program’s new features to vastly improve page layouts. Keeping designers in mind, Jay explains every interface change and uses real-world examples to demonstrate how to use each new feature. He covers everything from working with transparency, drop shadows, and OpenType fonts, to editing native Photoshop documents, applying picture effects, sharing content and layouts in real time, and enjoying truly automatic color management.” A Online Training Library subscription starts at US$25 per month and provides online access to this entire tutorial in addition to over 180 other titles (over 10,000 movie clips) covering a wide range of software, technologies, and techniques.

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