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Griffin announces TuneBuds for iPod nano

Griffin Technology today announced its TuneBuds combination earbud and lanyard for iPod nano. TuneBuds isolate the listening experience from outside sound by fitting comfortably inside the listener’s ears, to deliver rich, crystal clear audio. TuneBuds are based on Griffin’s EarThump design, with the same “clean, crisp highs and mind-numbing bass.” TuneBuds’ design, integrating the audio cables into the lanyard, keeps the user free of excess cords and tangled lines, and the iPod nano stays accessible for selecting songs and adjusting volume. Each Tunebuds package also includes a free LE version of Griffin’s iFill software, which streams MP3 files from thousands of free Internet radio stations directly to an iPod. TuneBuds for iPod nano, and free iFill LE, is priced at US$34.99.

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