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VoIPVoice announces Skype-certified phone

VoIPVoice today announced the release of its CyberPhone W for Mac, which the company says is the first Skype-certified device to be available in all Apple stores. “The introduction of the new Cyberphone W for Mac heralds a new era in the accessibility of Skype, the industry-leading VoIP provider. This product broadens Skype’s appeal to consumers who prefer to use a conventional telephone handset and who opt not to be bound to their PCs by headsets. The Cyberphone-W features: Skype integration, simplifying calling friends whether they’re Skype users or not; works the same as a normal phone; manage your Skype contacts direct from the keypad; built-in LED to indicate incoming calls, voicemalls, on/off-hook status; and more. Pricing has been set at US$53.39.

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