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Voice Candy 1.0

Potion Factory Releases Voice Candy 1.0, A Fun, Effortless Audio Recorder.

LOS ANGELES, California — Potion Factory is pleased to announce the
release of Voice Candy 1.0 for Mac OS X.

Voice Candy is a fun and useful recorder for the Mac. It does for the
microphone what Apple’s Photo Booth does for the webcam. Voice Candy makes
recording enjoyable by providing eight different effects, such as Vader and
Chipmunk, to alter the speaker’s voice. Once you have made the recording,
you can use it to set a reminder, send an email, or take it with you on
your iPod. You can also extend the capabilities of Voice Candy by writing
AppleScripts to integrate with other applications.

Voice Candy can run as a menu bar application and wake your Mac from sleep
when it’s time for your reminder. A global keyboard shortcut can be set to
enable you to easily start and stop recording at any time.

Voice Candy sells for $12.95 and can be purchased at the Potion Factory
website: ( A fully functional 15-day trial
is also available.

For more information:

About Potion Factory:

Potion Factory is a partnership between Jin Kim and Andy Kim, two switchers
who fell in love with Mac OS X so much that they decided to make a business
writing software for it. Since then, Potion Factory has dedicated itself to
developing simple and elegant software that only 5% of computer users would

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