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SubRosaSoft Inc. Ships CopyCatX Version 3.5, BootCamp Support

SubRosaSoft Inc. Ships CopyCatX Version 3.5

–Latest generation of the Mac OS X backup software features optimized
Intel Mac support, Boot Camp drive cloning, CD/DVD recovery, and new
bootable CD–

Fremont, California, May 2nd, 2005 — Inc. today announced
immediate availability of CopyCatX version 3.5. The fastest software based
drive duplication and recovery system for Mac OS X, CopyCatX version 3.5
incorporates optimization for Intel based Mac, support for Boot Camp drive
cloning, and enhanced support for CD/DVD media.

One of the biggest developments since the release of Mac OS X, the Intel
based Mac provides an astonishing level of performance. The latest version
of CopyCatX is optimized for Intel based Macs to take advantage of their
blazing speed, making sure the fastest Macintosh backup software is still
the one to beat. In addition to code optimization, the new version of
CopyCatX now sports a bootable CD option to let you boot on the Intel based

CopyCatX is the only quick and easy solution for backing up your Boot Camp
drive. Unlike most Macintosh based backup solutions, CopyCatX will make an
identical copy of the drive to the image, including Linux, Windows, and
Macintosh based partitions.

The new version of CopyCatX can also recover CDs and DVDs. With a few
clicks, you can duplicate your CD or DVD to an image for archival purpose.
And if you have a CD/DVD that you have problem reading, CopyCatX will use
SubRosaSoft’s proprietary technology to work around media faults to create
disk images from the damaged media.

Even with such innovative features and fast performance, CopyCatX is simple
and straightforward to use. CopyCatX’s easy-to-use interface is designed
for all OS X users. The backup, duplication, or recovery operations can be
completed with a few clicks.

CopyCatX includes powerful features that give users excellent flexibility
and control in backing up and recovering their data:

* Universal Binary core for optimal speed on Intel Macs while maintaining
support for PowerPC macs.

* Create exact duplicates of your hard drive, Apple iPod, or Mac OS X
startup drive.

* Cross Platform Device Copy allows using a Mac to clone Mac/Window Boot
Camp, Microsoft Windows, TiVo, and Linux drives.

* Lightning fast backup and restore.

* Recover drives and CD/DVDs by using proprietary resumable – fault
tolerant algorithms.

* Easy-to-use interface simplifies the duplication and recovery processes
to a few clicks.

* Perfect cloning retains every detail of the original drive or volume,
including permissions, icons, placement, and content.

* Proprietary resizing technology to regain lost space after a volume copy.

Pricing, Availability and System Requirements

SubRosaSoft CopyCatX is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested
retail price (MSRP) of $59.95 plus shipping for the CD version or $49.95
for download only.

Replaces CopyCatX version 1.0 and above – free of charge.

SubRosaSoft CopyCatX requires Mac OS X 10.3 or above.

For more information on CopyCatX, please visit (

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About Inc. is a software development firm based in Fremont, California.

Founded in 2002, SubRosaSoft specializes in data recovery tools and system
utilities. SubRosaSoft’s design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet
extremely powerful software. Our software catalogue includes security, file
and device management, forensics, and data and device recovery. Our users
range from entry-level Mac users and hobbyists to system administrators,
consultants, and forensics professionals.

For more information, contact Inc. by e-mail at
( or (

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