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Asante Introduces New Routing Switch


Flagship Product Increases Data Flow, Security, and Network Efficiency

San Jose, California — Asante Networks, (OTCPK:ASTN), a leading provider
of networking solutions for the small-medium business (SMB) market, today
announced the release of the company’s Next Generation Flagship Product,
the Asante IntraCore 36524 Layer 3 routing switch. This high-performance
Layer 3 routing switch, optimized for business and campus LAN or intranet,
provides both wire speed Ethernet routing and switching services. The
IntraCore 36524 can route the traffic between isolated subnets, increasing
network throughput, as well as security and efficiency.

The IntraCore 36524 routing switch supports a variety of Layer 3 routing
protocols and Layer 4 features, allowing it to look deeper into the packets
to perform smart filtering functions. It also has advanced traffic control,
based on L2-L7 data of incoming frames. With 24 ports, the Asante IntraCore
36524 routing switch has a higher port density count than its predecessor,
the IntraCore 35516. As a result, network administrators can divide the
network into more network segments. Each segment, therefore, can provide
more bandwidth with less network traffic congestion.

Also available at release of the IntraCore 36524, Asante offers an optional
DC backup power supply that ensures continued operation in situations of
primary power failure. Used wi th an emergency power supply the IntraCore 3
6524 can ensure high productivity and extremely low downtime on mission
critical networks.

Bina Patel , Vice President of Sales/Marketing, commented, ” Asante sold
many IC35516-T routing switches to schools and to the US Navy. We believe
this new product will be even more successful. The IntraCore 36524 inherits
all the software features of the IC35516-T, with a higher port count and
mini-GBIC / SFP instead of GBIC.”

The introductory retail price for the Asante IntraCore 36524 Layer 3
routing switch is approximately $2,990, with shipments planned to begin in
Q2 2006.

About Asante Networks Inc.

Asante Networks, based in San Jose, CA, is a leading provider of networking
solutions for the small-medium business (SMB) market. Asante designs,
markets, and sells a full line of networking solutions that provides
high-performance, reliable, and value-based solutions. The company’s
IntraCore and FriendlyNET product families offer a full breadth of products
– from the edge to the core of networks that integrate voice, data, and
video over wireless and wired networks with unified management and
authentication. Asante Networks is a subsidiary of TechnoConcepts Inc.
(OTCBB:TCPS), a fabless semiconductor company specializing in wireless
communications and networks. For additional information, visit or call 800-662-9686.

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