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IntelliMerge 5.0 for Mac


Major Upgrade Sends Web Page E-Mails, Offers Message Preflight, SmartBar
Integrated Tips, And AutoSubscriber Self-Subscription Management

CARY, North Carolina (April 26th, 2006) – Intelli Innovations, Inc. today
introduced IntelliMerge 5.0 for Mac OS X, a major upgrade to the company’s
business-class e-mail merge software for the Mac. Combining a recipient
manager, tag-driven e-mail composition program, and mailing system in one
easy-to-use application, IntelliMerge makes sending dynamic, customized
messages to customers, memberships, and other groups hassle free.

“IntelliMerge is the definitive choice in Mac business communication
software, letting you automatically e-mail customers, members, and more,”
said Paul Scandariato, CTO, Intelli Innovations, Inc. “IntelliMerge 5.0
adds the features and tools that thousands of our business and
organizational customers have asked for, from automatic subscriber
management to one-step web page e-mails.”

New and enhanced features in IntelliMerge 5.0 for Mac OS X include:

– Web Page Messages: Design HTML-based e-mail message in a WYSIWYG editor
like Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive, then simply upload them to a
folder on any web server and give IntelliMerge the URL. Everyone will
receive that page as it appears in a browser — right in their e-mail. Even
images and links “just work” as expected.

– AutoSubscriber: Allow subscribers and members to add or unsubscribe
themselves from subscriber lists, without having to have IntelliMerge open.
Simply upload the IntelliMerge AutoSubscriber PHP script to any web server
for instant integration with existing web sites. The script also gives
users the flexibility of adding a one-click “unsubscribe” link to the
bottom of e-mail campaigns.

– Smart Send Later: “Set it and forget it” mailing — set the mailing to
start at the exact date and time desired for delivery.

– Complete Documentation: Back by popular demand, IntelliMerge now
includes comprehensive PDF documentation with detailed usage instructions,
tips, and common troubleshooting techniques.

– Activity Log: Get detailed information on how and when you sent your
campaigns with IntelliMerge’s permanent activity log. IntelliMerge can also
alert users to recipient problems with specific error information.

– SmartBar Integrated Tip System: Intelligent “tip bar” that provides
help while composing a new e-mail campaign.

– Message Preflight: Catch mistakes before the mailing is sent. Preflight
helps users make sure everything’s correct before the message is sent,
presenting delivery details, an up-to-date recipient count, and quick
access to a dynamic message preview in one window.

– Smart Bounce Management: Bounced messages can now be sent to an
alternative e-mail address, keeping real replies and bounces separate.

– Refined Message Editor: Designed to simplify and streamline sending
customized e-mails for any business, IntelliMerge now features a redesigned
message editor system with color-coded sections, integrated tips, and
step-by-step documentation.

Pricing & Availability

IntelliMerge 5.0 is now available at the Intelli Innovations online store
for $99.00 USD, or for $179.00 with the optional AutoSubscriber component.
Upgrades from any previous version of IntelliMerge are $39.00 USD, or
$89.00 with the optional AutoSubscriber component.

Built for Mac OS X 10.2 or later; works with PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.
The optional AutoSubscriber component requires a web server with PHP 4.1 or

For additional product information and a free downloadable demo version,
visit IntelliMerge 5.0’s web site:

Intelli Innovations is available to answer sales questions regarding
IntelliMerge via e-mail or telephone — contact us at
or (919) 468-0340.

About Intelli Innovations, Inc.

Founded in 1998, Intelli Innovations develops innovative hardware and
software solutions for Mac OS X and Windows. The company’s award-winning
brands include IntelliScanner barcode-enabled organization solutions,
iAuthorize credit card processing and reader systems, and IntelliMerge
commercial e-mail delivery software. (919/468-0340,

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