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RSSDreamFeeder v 1.3.4 Brings Images and Links to RSS

RSSDreamFeeder v 1.3.4 Brings Images and Links to RSS Feed Creation in

Arlington, VA, April 25, 2006 — RNSoft President & CEO Ronald Northrip
today announced the immediate availability of RSS DreamFeeder version
1.3.4, a free update to the popular Dreamweaver extension for creating RSS
feeds from existing Dreamweaver-based content.

The new version of RSS DreamFeeder now extends feed content support to
include graphics and links as created by Dreamweaver. All links are
converted from relative to full URLs so that they will continue to function
properly regardless of where they are republished or displayed.

Most people build their website with Dreamweaver. They spend all their time
updating pages and posting content that will never make it into portal or
news sites like Yahoo and Google News. They have no way to reach out to new
audiences that use aggregators like NetNewsWire and RadioUserLand instead
of web browsers.

To do all this these web authors need to publish an RSS feed. RSS is a
mechanism for sharing content intended for republishing or for listing
updates and new stories. Customers can subscribe to your feed, and the feed
will let them know when the content they are interested in is updated.

RSS DreamFeeder lets you publish RSS feeds right from Dreamweaver without
retyping any content and without having to learn any new RSS/ XML codes. It
assembles the content you’ve already created into RSS files that can be
linked to or provided to portals for republication.

RSS DreamFeeder is a Dreamweaver-integrated search engine that looks
through a website for new and updated content to include in the feed. When
processed, the feed will include any new or updated content extracted from
the HTML or XHTML pages in the method that specify by the webmaster, and
listed as entries within the RSS file.

New in this version:
* Conversion of all relative-path SRC attributes (images)
* Conversion of all relative-path HREF attributes (links)
* Broader RSS client support (converts erroneous HTML to proper XML
to avoid parsing errors)
* Improved RSS and XML output

Get your copy of RSS DreamFeeder today and start publishing your feed tomorrow!

A tutorial is available at

RSS DreamFeeder makes it simple to republish your existing
Dreamweaver-based web content as an RSS feed. RNSoft’s focus on simplicity
and usability drives the development of software products for computer
users, web developers and programmers.

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