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NameCleaner 2.5.5: With Boot Camp Support

NameCleaner 2.5.5: With Boot Camp Support

[April 25, 2006] Sig Software is proud to announce the release of
NameCleaner 2.5.5, the first Universal Binary version for PowerPC and Intel

NameCleaner is an industrial strength Mac utility to manipulate file names
and types. It is specially designed to help move files to and from DOS
(FAT), Windows (FAT32 or NTFS) and Unix (UFS), with preconfigured settings

Boot Camp support!

With the release of the Universal Binary version, NameCleaner is ideal for
Intel Mac users running Boot Camp. NameCleaner can prepare Mac files for
transferring to a Boot Camp Windows partition (FAT32 or NTFS), removing
file name characters which are illegal under Windows and adding extensions
as required.

NameCleaner is available immediately as a free trial download. Pricing
starts at $35 for a Personal license that allows cleaning of local files.
For users with legacy systems, NameCleaner is also available for OS 7/8/9.

More information and the trial version are available at:

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