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Miglia Technology announces TVMicro

Miglia Technology today announced the launch of TVMicro, a device that allows users to watch and record analog TV on their Mac. “Miglia’s TVMicro lets you to watch analog TV on your Mac in a window that floats anywhere on your screen and can be resized as you need. Barely the size of an iPod Shuffle and in ‘cool’ white, TVMicro delivers a crystal clear picture and is compact enough to take with you anywhere you travel. Simply plug TVMicro into a free USB 2.0 port, connect your antenna or analog cable feed and start watching TV! Powered by EyeTV 2.0 software, TVMicro is perfectly suited for users on the go or people wanting a quick and simple solution to watch TV on their Mac. TVMicro also allows you to record straight to your Mac with a single mouse click.” TVMicro is priced at US$99.

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