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Take Control’s Macworld Digital Photography Superguide

“Macworld Digital Photography Superguide” Released by Take Control

Ithaca, NY USA (March 31, 2006)–Digital photography is a huge topic, which
is why Macworld Magazine assembled a dream team of experts* to contribute
their years of knowledge to the 102-page “Macworld Digital Photography
Superguide,” a collection of the best of Macworld’s digital photography
coverage. In 21 detailed chapters, they teach readers how to take great
shots, make them even better with image-editing tools ranging from iPhoto
to Adobe Photoshop, move them to paper, and protect them against mishap.

“The ‘Macworld Digital Photography Superguide’ marks the beginning of a new
collaboration between Macworld Magazine and Take Control Books,” said Take
Control publisher Adam Engst. “Instead of writing our own Take Control
title about digital photography, we’d rather help spread the expertise of
our friends at Macworld, some of whom also write for Take Control.”
Macworld Editorial Director Jason Snell said, “We have high hopes for this
joint project, combining as it does the expertise of our authors and
Macworld’s editorial skills with Take Control’s real-world experience in
ebook publishing.”

Review copies available upon request; just ask!

*The “Macworld Digital Photography Superguide” was written by Christopher
Breen, Robert Ellis, Dan Frakes, Bruce Fraser, James Galbraith, Rob
Griffiths, Jim Heid, Joe Kissell, Ben Long, Derrick Story, Kelly Turner,
and Ben Willmore.

Book Details:
“Macworld Digital Photography Superguide” by Macworld Magazine PDF format, 102 pages, free
15-page sample available Publication date: November 29, 2005
Price: $12.95

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