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Martian Technology Releases SlingShot 1.2

Martian Technology Releases SlingShot 1.2

Martian Technology has released SlingShot 1.2, an update to its network
file and folder synchronization application for Mac OS X. SlingShot 1.2
more than doubles the speed of sync operations, adds a new “menubar mode”
that keeps the main app window hidden, and includes several UI tweaks and
fixes for bugs reported by our users.

Martian SlingShot makes the process of keeping files in sync between two or
more Macs as simple as a few clicks. By incorporating Apple’s “Bonjour”
technology, SlingShot makes finding and connecting to other computers on a
network easy. SlingShot supports both simple one-way “mirroring” of files
from one computer to another, as well as more complex two-way
synchronization arrangements, in which files are updated on all
participating computers.

SlingShot 1.2 is available as a Universal Binary, supporting both PowerPC
and Intel Macs, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. SlingShot 1.2 is a
free upgrade for existing customers; new licenses can be purchased for
$29.99. A free trial version of the application is available at .

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