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Guest PC 1.8

Dublin, Republic of Ireland – Mar 28, 2005 – Lismore Software Systems
( announced today the release and immediate
availability of an updated version of Guest PC 1.8

* What is Guest PC?

Guest PC is a Mac OS X application that allows you to easily create and
manage virtual x86 computer on your Mac. You can install Windows operating
system and access applications available only for Windows compatible

* What’s new in Guest PC 1.8?

The major feature in Guest PC 1.8 is the support for USB devices. We did
our best to proved maximum compatibility to support wide range of USB
devices. Now you can connect USB devices to a virtual computer and use
Windows only applications. You can use ActiveSync to synchronize and
install applications for PDAs and SmartPhones. Guest PC will help you to
download maps and receive waypoints and tracks from GPS units. With Guest
PC you can also scan images, print to USB printers, connect external USB
storage devices and so on.
Guest PC is not only an emulation software but a useful utility for one who
was not able to work with the USB devices on a Mac due to a software lack.

* Bug Fixes

– OpenOffice failed to run
– Incorrect IDE disk detection in OpenBSD
– Some CPU/FPU emulation errors
– Sun Java Runtime Environment failed to run
– InstallAnywhere installers failed to run

* Enhancements

– USB support
– Support for .fs floppy images
– Drag-And-Drop improvements
– Better stability and compatibility

* Availability and Pricing

Guest PC 1.8 is available immediately from our online store – at US$69.99
The price includes Family License and free support. Family License allows
you to install Guest PC on all computers in your family.

All current customers get a new Guest PC 1.8 version at no charge.

* System requirements

Hardware: Apple Macintosh with G3, G4 or G5 processor, upgrade card are
also supported
Operating system: Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later or Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
or later

Universal Binaries: The Universal Binaries are being developed. The release
date has not been scheduled yet.

* About Lismore Software Systems

Lismore Software Systems, Ltd. was founded in 1996. The first product was
the Blue Label Power Emulator which emulates an x86 computer on classic Mac
OS. Blue Label Power Emulator was rewritten for Mac OS X and now is called
Guest PC.

To learn more about Guest PC, please visit Lismore Software Systems web
site at

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