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xScope 1.5: Screen Measurement and Other Tools

ARTIS & The Iconfactory Release xScope 1.5

ARTIS Software and The Iconfactory are pleased to announce the immediate
availability of xScope v 1.5. xScope is a powerful set of tools that screen
designers and developers can use to measure, compare, contrast and get info
on page layouts, screen sizes, html colors and much more. xScope is like a
Swiss Army Knife that no designer should be without!

Version 1.5 includes numerous improvements and bug fixes including:

* Universal binary for native performance on Intel Macs

* Frames & Guides can now be linked and moved simultaneously

* Improved controls for greater ease when re-sizing Frames

* New Ruler “Calipers” to make it easier to perform on-screen measurements

* Nudge the locked Loupe with arrow keys for more precise control

* Many more improvements and bug fixes

We encourage you to visit the xScope homepage today and download this
latest update which is free for registered users. xScope is shareware and
can be purchased from The Iconfactory for $16.95 USD.

Xscope Homepage

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