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Onset Announces Mac-Compatible Weather Stations


BOURNE, MA, March 3, 2006 – Onset Computer Corporation, a leading supplier
of data loggers, today announced Mac-compatible, research-grade weather

The 15-channel HOBO Weather Station and 4-channel HOBO Micro Station make
it fast and easy for Mac users to measure and record a wide range of
environmental conditions. This includes temperature, relative humidity,
rainfall, soil moisture, photosynthetic light (PAR), solar radiation, wind
speed and direction, leaf wetness, and barometric pressure. Both stations
record conditions via Onset plug-and-play smart sensors, which eliminate
the need for complicated wiring, programming, and calibration. Example HOBO
weather station applications include climate monitoring on vineyards and
farms, agricultural research, and meteorological studies.

To view and analyze climate data, Onset offers HOBOware, a Mac-based
graphing and analysis software package. HOBOware, which runs on Mac OS X,
combines fast, easy logger launch and readout functions with powerful
data-plotting capabilities. An intuitive, graphical user interface allows
users to select weather parameters to display, format graphs, perform
analysis, save projects for future use, and export data to spreadsheets.

The 15-channel HOBO Weather Station, 4-channel HOBO Micro Station, and
HOBOware software are available now from Onset.

Onset Computer Corporation has been producing small, inexpensive,
battery-powered data loggers since 1981, and has sold over 900,000 units
used throughout the world by more than 40,000 customers. Onset offers more
than 60 models of data loggers to measure temperature, humidity, light, AC
current, carbon monoxide, 4-20 mA, voltage, on/off, open/closed, and
events. Onset data loggers are used in a wide range of natural resources,
facilities management, HVAC, energy, transportation, industrial, and
education applications.

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