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ThinkFree Introduces iCdocs

ThinkFree Introduces iCdocs, the Free, Easy Way to Publish Office Documents
on the Web

New Web 2.0 Service Allows Bloggers and Web Creators to Publish and View
Office Documents on the Internet Without Any Microsoft Software

San Jose, CA (February, 2006) ThinkFree, Inc., the leading provider of
web-based office productivity software, announces the release of iCdocs, a
new free Internet Communication tool for Office Documents. This new Web 2.0
service allows bloggers and web creators to publish word processing,
spreadsheet, and presentation documents for people to view exactly as they
were originally designed. iCdocs removes the need for converting files into
alternate formats that often change the look and layout of the document.
Users are also freed from downloading or purchasing any additional
software, eliminating extra expenditures. Website creators need only embed
a bit of HTML code that invokes the iCdocs API (Application Programming
Interface) to display Microsoft Office compatible documents. Developers can
also embed the iCdocs API into their internet applications.

“We want to allow everyone to share their ideas, plans, and dreams without
limitations,” says TJ Kang, founder and CEO of ThinkFree Inc. He adds,
“People shouldn’t be restricted by what software they need to buy, or
having to convert a document into some other format that strays away from
their original design. iCdocs will continue to evolve, offering more
features and finer controls giving developers greater power and freedom to
focus on their concepts, instead of technology.” This new service is at the
vanguard of Web 2.0 technology, along with Google, Yahoo, and Flickr
opening their APIs, transitioning Websites from islands of isolated data to
connected, dynamic, interactive communities. In the spirit of Web 2.0,
ThinkFree also plans to open up more APIs providing a more powerful method
for distributing applications and content for everyone.

Office documents can be created using ThinkFree Office, Microsoft Office,
or other office productivity software that saves to Microsoft file formats,
and then published by an easy 3 step process using iCdocs. ThinkFree
provides the tools to generate the HTML code, making iCdocs easy to use.
Simply go to, point to the location of your
document, choose your preferences, and the code is automatically generated
for you to copy and paste into your web page or blog. Document creators
have the option of either embedding the file into a web page or blog, or
adding a link for viewing and saving. Website application developers can
find all the information necessary to embed the iCdocs API into their
internet applications at iCdocs is
intended for non-commercial use only. For more information see

About ThinkFree

ThinkFree, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is a leading
developer of platform independent office productivity solutions. In 2003,
the company became a division of Haansoft Inc., a publicly held company on
the Korean KOSDAQ stock market [030520]. ThinkFree’s mission is to offer
market-leading software solutions that leverage the power of the Internet
and provide users with a consistent, unified, and productive experience
regardless of computing platform.

For more information, please contact ThinkFree at 408-432-5074, or go to

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