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FontAgent Pro Server Released: Warning Verse Attempted

=46ontAgent Pro Server from Insider Released
Creative Control Has Just Been Increased

=46ebruary 14, 2006 – LOS GATOS, CA

Designers have known since a long time ago
That the #1 font manager is FontAgent Pro.
They used it each day to control all their fonts,
It activated, repaired and filled all their wants.

Creatives were happy from morning =91til night,
But IT departments felt things weren’t right.
They jumped up and down with unusual fervor
And prayed for the features of FontAgent Pro Server.

Of font libraries and sets they demanded control,
To lock up the fonts and prevent their parole,
But creatives said there must be some compromise here
All rejoiced upon learning FontAgent Pro Server was near.

We nurtured it slowly until like great wine,
It was ready to release, the product would shine.
It’s fast and it’s easy and rock solid, too,
To competitive products, we must all say, “adieu.”

With competitive upgrades and an intro special price,
Our Valentine’s Day offer we hope will entice,
So designers and admins it’s time to enshrine,
=46ontAgent Pro Server as your new Valentine.

To get all the details, the whole kitchen sink
Just click with your mouse on the following link:


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