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xTime Project 3.5

xTime Project 3.5 Universal for Mac OS X

xTime Project is a powerful project and task’s management tool which
provides beautiful diagrams to facilitate the effective communication
between team members. It helps you to share information, to work jointly on
projects and to efficiently use all available resources.

xTime Project 3.5 is now the fastest version of the program we’ve ever
made. But with all of its power, xTime Project is still the easiest project
management to use. You can create a complete project to present with just
ten minutes.

This makes xTime Project the application of choice for both beginners and
experts alike.

What’s New?
– New universal binary format for intel and powerpc processors
– Better performance (up to 200%)
– New Milestone function
– New user interface
– Now only one version at a cheaper price
(every customers of previous versions get a free update)
– Bugs fixed

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Download link : 9.6 Mb

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