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Opera integrates BitTorrent in upcoming browser

Opera integrates BitTorrent in upcoming browser

Oslo, Norway February 6, 2006 Opera Software today announced that it has
teamed with BitTorrent Inc. to include the BitTorrent protocol in the
upcoming version of the Opera Web browser. Integrating this popular
technology in the Opera browser means faster and more efficient downloads
of large files.

Opera and BitTorrent have signed an agreement covering Opera’s use of the
BitTorrent trademark and access to the BitTorrent search engine from the
browser’s user interface. A technical preview (TP) of the Opera 9 browser
will be made available soon.

BitTorrent’s technology will be made available to users of the Opera
browser in two ways: first, users can search for torrent files in the Opera
browser’s integrated search field, and second, when a file has been
selected, Opera’s Transfer Manager feature will handle the download. As a
result of integrating BitTorrent into the Opera browser, users no longer
need separate software for the searching and downloading of torrent content.

Opera Software was the first mass-market browser vendor to implement
BitTorrent technology. On July 7, 2005, the company launched the first
technical preview of the Opera browser (Opera 8.02) which included the
BitTorrent protocol. As a result of positive user feedback and further
testing, Opera has now decided to maintain BitTorrent in the upcoming Opera
9 Web browser.

“Implementing BitTorrent is a natural choice, considering its efficient use
of bandwidth and worldwide popularity. For users this means that they can
browse and download content in an application they’re familiar with,” says
Christen Krogh, VP of Engineering, Opera Software.

Opera already supports other file transfer protocols such as FTP and HTTP.
BitTorrent is the logical next step in the company’s strategy to increase
productivity and improve the overall Internet experience for end users.

“By integrating the BitTorrent protocol, licensing the company’s globally
recognized trademark and collaborating with BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen,
Opera is demonstrating leadership among Web browsers and consideration for
the open source software ecosystem,” says Ashwin Navin, President,
BitTorrent. “With BitTorrent Search, Opera will be offering its users a
seamless experience for discovering and downloading large files from the
thousands of BitTorrent publishers around the world.”

BitTorrent is an open source, peer-to-peer protocol for distributing files.
It makes use of the upstream bandwidth of every downloader to increase the
speed and effectiveness of the distribution as a whole. On average, the
faster you upload to your peers, the faster you will be able to download.
Because BitTorrent greatly reduces the load on a single server, the
technology also benefits organizations with intense download traffic, such
as Opera. BitTorrent’s agreement with Opera is the first under a soon-to-be
announced conformance program for the use of the BitTorrent trademark.

The Opera 9 TP2 will be made available soon. Opera emphasizes that the TP
should be used for preview purposes only.

About Opera Software ASA

Opera Software ASA is an industry leader in the development of Web browser
technology, targeting the desktop, mobile, PDA, home media and vertical
markets. Partners include companies such as IBM, Nokia, Sony, Motorola,
Adobe, Macromedia, Symbian, Sony Ericsson, Kyocera, Sharp, Motorola
Metroworks, MontaVista Software, BenQ, Sendo and AMD. The Opera browser has
received international recognition from users, industry experts and media
for being faster, smaller and more standards-compliant than other browsers.

Opera’s browser technology is cross-platform and modular, and currently
available on the following operating systems: Windows, Windows Mobile,
Linux, Mac OS, Symbian OS, BREW, QNX, TRON, FreeBSD, Solaris and
Mediahighway. The Opera browser is also available as a Java-based (J2ME)
browser solution called Opera Mini for the world’s 700 million Java-enabled
mobile phones.

Opera Software ASA is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with development
centers in Linkoping and Gothenburg, Sweden. The company is listed on the
Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol OPERA. Learn more about Opera

About BitTorrent Inc.
BitTorrent is home to the world’s leading open-source file-sharing protocol
by the same name, specifically created to overcome the obstacles of
transferring large files over the Internet. Created in 2001, BitTorrent is
enabling millions of users worldwide to publish, search and download
popular digital content quickly, easily and securely. BitTorrent is a
privately held company headquartered in San Francisco, California. For more
information, visit

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