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MenuKeys for FileMaker


Toronto (ON), Canada–FEBRUARY 3, 2006–Zevrix Solutions today announced
the first release of its MenuKeys, the complete solution for customizing
FileMaker menu shortcuts.

With MenuKeys, such essential feature as customizing menu shortcuts is
finally available for FileMaker users on Mac OS X. MenuKeys allows to
assign keyboard shortcuts to any FileMaker menu and edit the existing ones,
and will surprise the users with its elegant interactive easy to use

Both database users and developers with any degree of FileMaker experience
will dramatically benefit from the possibilities MenuKeys opens to them in
every aspect of their daily tasks. Every FileMaker menu command can now be
activated instantly with a single keyboard shortcut helping users achieve
their goals faster and easier by eliminating the need for countless mouse
trips to the menus.

MenuKeys is based on a FileMaker database so users open it like any other
FileMaker file, no extra plug-ins required.

Pricing and Availability
MenuKeys 1.0 is priced at US$10 and can be purchased from the Zevrix
Solutions web site, with full money back guarantee.
Demo is also available for download. MenuKeys 1.0 is available for Mac OS X
10.4 and higher, and supports any version of FileMaker from 6 to 8
(excluding FileMaker Developer 6).

About Zevrix Solutions

Zevrix Solutions is dedicated to developing productivity solutions for
database related products and desktop publishing on Mac OS. Zevrix
Solutions is located in Toronto (ON), Canada.

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