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iShell 4.5 coming for Intel Macs

Tribeworks today announced the next release of iShell — iShell 4.5 — will run natively on Intel-based Macs. iShell is a cross-platform digital media authoring tool for the creation of e-learning solutions, CD and DVD-ROMs, kiosks and Internet applications. Version 4.5 will offer a number of new features, including: System Gizmos with themed radio buttons, checkboxes, tabs, dialog buttons, drop-down menus, etc., created on the fly to eliminate work; dynamic font loading; Magic Commands: quickly write math and string equations in the iShell GUI editor; and numerous other enhancements. A preview release of iShell 4.5 is expected to be available during the first week of February, with the final release following a few weeks later.

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