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PhoneValet Message Center 3.1

PhoneValet Message Center 3.1 Adds Unlimited Voicemail Boxes
Caller-initiated Remote Control and Call Transfer

OGDENSBURG, NY and OTTAWA, ON, Jan. 27, 2006 – Parliant Corp. today began
shipping version 3.1 of PhoneValet Message Center, its multi-award-winning
Mac telephony product for small businesses, homes, and home offices.

In addition to automated dialing, call screening, call blocking, call
logging, call recording and forwarding messages via email, this new version
of PhoneValet adds an unlimited number of voicemail boxes, the ability to
transfer incoming calls and permit any caller to initiate Mac-based remote
control processes from anywhere in world.

PhoneValet 3.1 offers unlimited voicemail boxes or announcement choices, up
from a previous limit of 11. In the case of announcements, PhoneValet can
provide callers with an unlimited amount of choices.

With PhoneValet 3.1 any caller can remotely control PhoneValet to execute
AppleScript or UNIX shell scripts that trigger on-demand information via
text-to-speech (weather or stock updates, iCal events), control X-10
enabled cameras, or play archived news podcasts among many other
applications. Previous versions allowed only the PhoneValet owner to
initiate remote controls.

Each voicemail box can now transfer calls to another extension or cause an
associated AppleScript to execute, as well as record a message. The new
call transfer feature is dependent upon available phone company or PBX
services options.

PhoneValet Message Center’s phone adapter hardware and application software
combination retails for $199.95 per line. A download of a PhoneValet 3.1
software upgrade is available to existing PhoneValet Message Center 3.0
customers for free, and $29.95 per line for PhoneValet 2.0 customers.

About Parliant Corporation

With facilities in Ogdensburg, New York, and Ottawa, Canada, Parliant
Corporation is a world leader in developing and deploying Mac-based
computer telephony products for business and consumer use. For more
information, visit “the Mac telephony experts” at

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