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Monster Introduces FM Transmitters For iPod

Monster Introduces FM Transmitters For iPod nano, iPod shuffle and iPod video

The Newest Addition to Monster’s MP3 Family of Products Allows Enthusiasts
to Play Stored Music Wirelessly Through Their Car Stereo Systems

Monster is proud to announce the launch of iCarPlay Wireless Plus for iPod
nano and video and iCarPlay Wireless Plus for iPod Shuffle. Monster’s
latest products allow iPod users to play stored music wirelessly through
virtually any FM station on their car radios while simultaneously charging
their iPods.

“Ever since we released the iCarPlay Wirless Plus for iPod, it has been an
incredibly popular product. That product made it convenient for these iPod
enthusiasts to listen to their tunes through their car stereo systems,”
explained Noel Lee, The Head Monster. “We are now releasing two products so
that iPod nano, video and shuffle users can have the same high quality
music experience and keep their players charged at the same time. These new
products include digital FM tuning, programmable presets and fast charging
for clear stereo sound wherever they go.”

With some FM transmitters, finding an FM frequency clear enough to play
stored music through can be difficult, especially while driving through
different areas and terrain. To counteract these issues, iCarPlay Wireless
Plus for nano, video and shuffle can be tuned to almost any clear FM
station, so the music lover has full FM tuning flexibility in getting the
best possible sound.

Connecting is easy. Simply tune the car stereo to any clear FM station,
tune iCarPlay Wireless Plus to the same station, hit play on the player,
and that’s it. The presets can be changed any time a clearer station is
desired. For added convenience, you can preset up to three of your favorite

For added flexibility and convenience while listening, these two products
feature Monster Smart Digital Charging technology that rapidly re-charges
the connected iPod.

Additional Monsterous features include:

* Three backlit programmable “favorite station” preset buttons
* Easy-to-read, dimmable LED display
* Digital FM tuner — change presets when clearer reception is needed
* 24k gold contacts for optimal signal transfer and corrosion resistance
* 3.3 foot (1 meter) cable for convenient connection

The iCarPlay Wireless Plus for nano and video retails for $79.95. The
CarPlay Wireless Plus for shuffle retails for $59.95.

For those who don’t have an iPod, Monster has also launched a new solution
with RadioPlay 300. The RadioPlay 300 has many of the same features as
iCarPlay Wireless Plus, including the ability to tune into any FM stations
and three programmable reset buttons. The RadioPlay 300 works with portable
MP3 players, CD players, DVD players and laptops. The RadioPlay 300 retails
for $59.95.

Other New Products for iPods include:

iTV Link for iPod with video and iPod photo directly connects the iPod to a
TV so users may enjoy movies, music videos, TV shows and photos on a bigger
screen. iPod video is capable of delivering high-quality video and has
enough storage capacity for hundreds of movies. Monster iTV Link features a
dock connector for the iPod and S-video and stereo audio outputs that
easily connect to a TV. Monster’s advanced S-video connection delivers a
brighter, more colorful and detailed picture. A composite video adapter is
also included in case the TV doesn’t offer S-video input. iTV Link delivers
high-quality video and stereo audio connections to get the best picture and
sound from movies and music on the iPod. iTV Link retails for $39.95.

iBumper for iPod nano is designed specially to protect the iPod nano with
style. The iPod nano packs a lot of audio into a small, compact package
that offers an unbelievable level of freedom and enjoyment. The iBumper
keeps it safe and protected. With 6 different colors to choose from the
iPod nano will look sharp and stay scratch-free. The removable iBumper
helps protect the nano without limiting accessibility. And for additional
protection, three ClearSkin wraps are included to help protect the back and
the face from scuffs and scratches. Also included is an iBumperKeeper for
ultra-portability. This nylon lanyard keeps the controls right within reach
by clasping the nano around the neck or wrist when on the go. The iBumper
comes in 3-color packs in red, blue and yellow or white, gray and black The
iBumper retails for $19.95.

iSlimCharger AC Wall Charger for iPods is a very slim, portable AC charger
that conveniently plugs into virtually any standard AC power outlet and
into the Dock Connector to USB Cable that comes with every iPod. The
fold-down plug and ultra-low profile design make storing and traveling with
the iSlimCharger a breeze. Plus, built-in Monster Smart Digital Charger
technology delivers just the right charge that the iPod needs for fast,
reliable charges. New iPods no longer ship with an AC wall charger, so this
product is a perfect complement for people who want to be able to recharge
their iPod via a wall outlet instead of through their computer. The
iSlimCharger retails for $29.95

iCarCharger for iPod Shuffle charges the iPod Shuffle using a car’s 12-volt
socket so it is always charged up and ready to go. This product features
Smart Digital Charging for fast charges and maximum battery life. The
iCarCharger has a 3-stage Charging Status indicator light that reveals when
the iCarCharger is on “trickle” mode, activated when the iPod Shuffle is
fully cbarged. The unique flush-mount adaptor design minimizes dashboard
clutter and features a 10 ft. cable. The iCarCharger for iPod Shuffle
retails for $29.95.


Monster is known to thousands of audio, video, car, photo, computer, movie
and music enthusiasts as the company that makes their other products work
better. Starting in a San Francisco garage 25 years ago, Noel Lee, The Head
Monster, created the first Monster Cable to get better sound from stereo
speakers. He created an instant following with recording engineers and
professional musicians with many of today’s hottest CDs being mixed and
mastered in studios completely wired with Monster Cable and powered by
Monster Power.

The Monster brand now encompasses over 4,000 items including speakers,
subwoofers, furniture, MP3 accessories, camera bags, cell phone headsets,
PowerCells, power line conditioners, voltage stabilizers, surge protectors
and every kind of cable imaginable…all with a single focus: to help
enthusiasts Get All The Performance They Paid For from their favorite

Explore the world of Monster at (


By providing the marketplace with innovative, functional, and stylish
products such as the iPod and PowerBook, Apple reinforces its position as
the progressive leader in the computer and consumer electronics industries.
Its original and well-designed inventions continue to win many loyal and
passionate consumers. Please visit or for
more information on these products.

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